A Holiday Tradition (or Four)

Growing up we had holiday traditions that I looked forward to each year. 

When I was super little, we made sugar cookies with my cousins at our Nana's house. 

My Oma ALWAYS bought us an ornament and an advent calendar. When my Oma was no longer with us, my mom took on the task.

We went and drove around to look at the lights each year too. That was more of an unofficial tradition, but it is still something I remember vividly.

When we go to my Nana's (still) we always read the Christmas story before opening gifts. When we were little we used to make a whole production of it (I was the ringleader).

After Nate and I got married, we started buying ornaments for each other that we put in our stockings each year.

I want Leighton (and soon Hudson) to have these memories and traditions also. So we have a few that we have already begun, and hopefully this list will continue to grow and be more festive as the boys grow up. I love everything about the Christmas season and I'll be darned if my boys don't too. 

Our Current Traditions:
1. New Ornaments
2. Advent Calendar
3. Christmas Pajamas
4. Christmas Cards

Future Traditions: 
1. Polar Express Nights
2. Elf on the Shelf
3. Decorating Cookies
4. Reading the Christmas Story

What are your family traditions for Christmas? I would love to hear some of the fun things you do with your kids!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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