Baby #2: 22 Weeks

I cannot shake this cold. It is much, much better, but it is still holding on to make me miserable. Other than that and my back pain that has been hanging around, I am doing pretty good.

Leighton is starting to say baby now when we ask what is in my stomach instead of just pulling up his shirt and saying belly. We know he won't really comprehend what is happening until it happens, but it is still fun to try and talk to him about it. We'll ask him what his baby brother's name is or if he is going to be a big brother. Sometimes he responds, most times he ignores and keeps going with his life. I mean he is only 2.

I finally ordered some maternity clothes and decided to go with ASOS. The haul was much better than I anticipated and I ended up keeping everything except for 3 things. I for sure saw the typical trend in color choices though. Lots of dark colors or white. That is my life, I feel safe in that color palette. The quality was better than expected too. Dear ASOS, I am sorry for waiting so long to shop with you!

Shipping was fast and returns were free. I can definitely see myself ordering more this spring, when I need wedding appropriate outfits!

Let's talk symptoms. 

I am now up about 14 pounds. Still within the normal range, but higher than I had been. I am going to give full credit to the horrible diet I have been allowing myself to enjoy as of late. Honestly I am starting to want healthier options and eating too much is really starting to make me feel miserable.

My back is still not feeling the greatest, but I am aiming for a good workout every other day. I found a YouTube channel (this one) that I really like that has a pregnancy playlist. The workouts are good, and I don't feel like they are making my back any worse. Best part is that it has a cool down included which is forcing me to stretch. I really need to focus on stretching.

Let's talk about the baby.

Little man is the size of a papaya, and measures about 10.9 inches and weighs approximately 12.25 ounces. He is starting to develop taste buds and his sense of touch. His reproductive system has developed too.

I swear he is in there doing flips now. Always kicking and moving, letting me know he is there. One day this week Leighton fell asleep on me while we were cuddled up watching a movie and the babe started kicking him! Obviously L was asleep so he has no clue, but I am starting to get the feeling these boys are going to be a handful.

We haven't moved forward much on our to-do list really. Next on the list is still starting the transition of Leighton to his big boy room. Then on to the nursery! In the meantime I am starting to pull together any baby things that Leighton still had laying in his room or in his toy bin and making a pile for little H. 

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