Looking Back at 2017

As I sit here reflecting on everything that has happened over the last year, I can't help but be extremely thankful for everyone we have in our life, the adventures and opportunities we have had and everything that is coming our way. 2017 was filled with weddings, trips and lots of fun, but I know 2018 is going to be great too!

My Best Nine on Instagram for 2017

Here is the highlight real from the last 12 months.


Started the year in warm, sunny Florida with some amazing friends and moved to our Old Yellow House.


Celebrated Valentine's Day with my boys, spent time in Fort Wayne with friends and family. 


Enjoyed some beer and food, took advantage of the weather to spend time outside with the little man.


Went on a hike, hung out with friends, finished some crafts, glammed up some girls for prom and enjoyed the beautiful weather!


Went to our first wedding of the year, ate some really good pizza, went to the second wedding of the year, made a few trips to Fort Wayne, walked the Memorial Day Mile that our town has each year. 


Enjoyed a donut on National Donut Day, had a blast at my sister-in-law's bachelorette party and at one of my college friend's bachelorette party, changed up the hair a bit, did makeup for two different weddings and attended those two weddings (3rd and 4th weddings of the year).


Headed to the winery to listen to live music and drink some wine with friends, relaxed at the lake with family. 


Bought a new car, had a date night, spent time with family, enjoyed a beer festival with friends, had family pictures taken.


Found out we were pregnant with babe #2, headed to Vermont for a week, decided to pull up the carpet in our living room.


Finished the floor project, did our first family trip to the pumpkin patch, braved the cold to tailgate during Franklin College's homecoming, ate the best biscuit ever from Boujie Biscuit, took little man trick-or-treating.


Announced our pregnancy, spent time in Southern Indiana with family for Thanksgiving, put up our Christmas tree. 


Threw a birthday party for Leighton, watched the lighting in downtown Franklin, Leighton Turned 2, found out and announced that babe #2 is another little boy, took Leighton to see Santa, we had Christmas celebrations galore and traveled across the state multiple times and rung in the new year with a great group of friends.

I hope you all had a great year and are ready to take on 2018!

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