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Hi there friends! Today I want to talk about convenience. To be honest, I am all about services that make life a little easier. When you are organizing the lives of three (soon to be four) humans and a dog, anything to shave some time off the to-do list is a good thing for me. This could be anything like crockpot meals or Kroger Click-List.

Spring is coming and that means there are even more things joining our already packed list of things to get done before the baby arrives. One of them was getting our bike fixed up. It was in rough condition, let me tell ya. My mom gave it to us when she got a new one and we really haven't gotten it tuned up since. So, when Beeline Bikes reached out to me and offered a free tune-up on my bike I was giddy!

Beeline Bikes provided my bicycle tune-up free of charge, but this post is not sponsored and all thoughts on the experience is 100% my honest opinion.

What is Beeline Bikes? Well, the country's largest full-service mobile bike shop franchise. Recently, they recently launched their first location in Indiana as an extension of Bicycle Garage Indy (BGI), which allows them to now offer convenient, mobile services to Greater Indianapolis. 

Soon after they contacted me to schedule something, the snow came and we had to postpone. But once there was a break in the weather you better believe I got my tune-up scheduled! 

The whole process is really cool. You schedule your appointment and then you get a phone call 30 minutes prior to them showing up. You tell them where to park the van and bring your bike around to them. Inside the van they have everything they need to make your bike shiny, new and ready to ride. If anything needs to be replaced on your bike, they will let you know and then take care of that too. The van is completely stocked with everything they need to make your bike good as new. 

After a quick chat with the mechanic, I went back into my house to clean and check other items off my list for that Saturday. An hour later, I got another call from the mechanic saying my bike was done. CONVENIENCE.

I didn't have to figure out how to put my bike in my car or take it to a shop and then wait or come back. I scheduled, they came to our house to do the service and my bike was ready to ride. 

Schedule your tune-up today by booking online or calling 855-582-4537

Pricing for a standard tune-up is $79.99 and $59.99 for children's bikes. The van is a full service shop so there is a' la carte prices for the odds and ends. There is no "trip fee" and only a minimum $30 service charge. You can see if your zip code is covered by searching for it on their website and you can also see their full price list by location.

Thanks again to Beeline Bikes for the tune-up!

What do you think about these types  of services? Are you all about them, or like to do things the traditional way? Also, athliesure has been my go to look lately. Here are some pieces inspired by today's post!

Shop the look:

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