Baby #2: Week 26

Y'all, these boobs. I mean they are still relatively small compared to most people who are NOT pregnant, but for me they are much bigger. I am at that point where the idea of a bra with an underwire sounds like sheer torture. Luckily I am still on the smaller side of the breast size scale so I can get away with sports bras and bralettes on the regular.

So if I were to wish for anything right now, it would be for some more comfortable boob holders to magically appear in my bra basket.

These look good to me:

Enough about boobs, let's talk about this baby and my other symptoms.

Let's talk symptoms. 

Nosebleeds and leg cramps. Honestly if that is the worst of it I am happy. My appetite is just fine and my body for the most part feels good. These nosebleeds are annoying though. Also my leg cramps were waking me up in the middle of the night. Any suggestions on prevention?

Let's talk about the baby.

The little guy is about 14 inches and a little under 2 pounds, making him the approximate size of an eggplant. His eyes are fully formed and he will open them soon. He has functioning oil and sweat glands and has grown accustomed to typical noises that he hears (heartbeat, my voice, etc.).

Leighton finally said Hudson when we asked him what his little brother's name was. He also was sitting on the floor with me and as we were talking about Hudson, he said "Rock him" and then made a rocking motion like he was holding a baby. Melts my heart. I'm so excited for these boys!

Nate and I did take advantage of a night away and headed to Cincinnati. It was his work Christmas/Holiday outing, but it was nice to dress nice, go to dinner and stay in a nice hotel. The hotel room was super nice, but in the rush to make it to dinner on time I didn't take pictures. One day I will master this. We did take a picture of my outfit that night though!

Shop the look: 

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