Baby #2: Week 30, 31, 32 & 33

Looks like we have some catching up to do! I am into week 34 now, so let's chat about the last 4 shall we?

Really, other than feeling large and needing help to get up after laying down I feel great! Little man is a mover and a shaker just like his brother was. The only difference between them has been the amount of times he gets the hiccups (Leighton literally had them every single day from 31 weeks on).

I will say that weight wise I am moving a bit faster than I did with Leighton. At 33 weeks I weighed the same as I did with Leigh at 37 weeks... My eating has definitely been worse than it was the first time, so really I should have been watching more closely.

Last week I ended up getting a stomach bug that kept me in bed for a day. Let me tell ya, an upset stomach while pregnant is the last thing I wish on anyone. Luckily it was just a 24-hour thing and it passed for the most part by the next morning. It all started with Nate and then we think it hit Leighton a couple days later (not as bad as it was for both of us though, thankfully). We all survived and that is key.

Other than that we are moving right along with prepping for the new little guy. At my last appointment (33 week appointment) we picked a day for my c-section. We are still waiting on the official scheduling, but we have a finish line in sight!

I think knowing a real day really kicked me into nesting mode. I have half of Hudson's clothes/blankets/bibs/etc. all washed and put away. His room smells like Dreft and it is glorious. I also have started making a list of the final things we need to get together. Among those are:

  • Double stroller
  • Bigger diaper bag (higher up on my list than it is on Nate's)
  • More clothes in the smaller sizes that are spring/summer appropriate
  • Diapers, wipes, lotions, baby wash, the essentials
Have any suggestions on things that are must haves for baby #2? We will gladly accept all advice. 

Let's talk symptoms. 

Leg/toe cramps haven't been AS bad, but I have really been focusing on my water intake. My ribs aren't hurting as much as I remember them hurting with Leighton, but Hudson is also sitting way lower. My nose is still a constant struggle (bloody noses in the mornings), and my maternity clothes are still fitting a little snug. When your maternity pants are too tight, you know things are moving and growing, ha!

Let's talk about the baby.

Week 30: Baby boy is about the size of a large cabbage now - about 15.7 inches and 3 pounds. He is apparently very conscious of his environment and can distinguish between sunlight and artificial light. He can move his eyes around too, and his lungs are working at almost optimal levels. I've felt him having hiccups a few times now, but not nearly as often as Leighton had them. I feel like around this time Leighton had the hiccups every single day at least once. 

Week 31: He is the size of a bunch of asparagus, so around 16.2 inches and 3.3 pounds. His hair is starting to get thicker and he is starting to shed his lanugo. Leighton came out with a full head of blonde hair, so we are super interested in what Hudson will look like! 

Week 32: Up to the size of a head of bok choy! So that makes him approximately 16.7 inches and around 4 pounds. They (the people who write the app) say he is sleeping the majority of the day, but it sure doesn't feel like he sleeps at all. I am savoring these movements though, there is nothing quite like feeling a little human moving around in your stomach. 

Week 33: He is now about the size of a pineapple - 17.2 and 4.5 pounds. His skin is turning from red to pink and he is accumulating fat to keep him warm from birth until he is able to regulate his own body temperature. By now he is taking up a lot of space, so there are less kicks and more rolls that I am feeling. He is sleeping 90-95% of the day and his developing neural structure is allowing him to have REM sleep cycles. I always wonder what little babies can dream about when they haven't experienced anything. Am I the only one?

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