A Celestial Space: The Inspiration

If you were here two years ago while I was decorating Leighton's nursery, you would know that I am all about a non-literal translation of a theme. AKA His nursery was a Neverland theme, but I tried to not have actual Disney renditions of things all over the place. It was subtle, but I LOVED it. The decision to go with Neverland as the theme was all because we got this great first edition of Peter Pan that I framed in a shadow box. It ended up being extremely fitting that his room was centered around a book, because the kid was and is a huge book worm!

For Hudson, I didn't have a book to center the room around. Instead I was drawn to the idea of outer space and the stars. From there I determined a color pallet and started pulling ideas together on Pinterest, DUH. With some crafty intuition and some help from my Nanna with some sewing projects, it is all coming together! I can't wait to share the finished room with you all. In the meantime, you can follow my Pinterest board for Hudson's Nursery for inspiration.

Thank you for stopping in! We are so close to baby! 

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