Baby #2: Week 37

The nursery is ready (reveal post is here). The bags are "packed" - A.K.A things are set out or folded in piles but there are a few missing items still. I am finishing that tonight though so we have it ready this weekend, just in case.

My only remaining project is to make the boys' brother shirts, and I plan on finishing that tonight as well. I got it all designed yesterday but it was too late to start the cutting/ironing process.

Somewhere I read that having presents for the kids to "exchange" when they meet is helpful. That being said we did get a present for Hudson from Leighton and are planning on getting something for Leigh this week. Any other tips on introducing #1 to #2 at the hospital?

Let's talk symptoms. 

Being almost 38 weeks pregnant and knowing you NEED to make it to the scheduled date is such a mind game. When I was doing all of this with Leighton, we didn't have to worry about another child's schedule and who would be taking care of him while we were gone for multiple days. Let alone how that plan would need to change if things happened early. Now this time around we not only have a wedding that we need to make it to, but we have to consider additional plans for Leighton should Hudson decide April 27th is too long to stay cramped up.

I am experiencing all the end of pregnancy symptoms plus some of the ones that have stayed consistent throughout (leg cramps, nose bleeds, swelling, body aches, stretch marks). I've had contractions here and there. Sometimes they have happened consistently over a short period of time, but never more than a few in 30 minutes and they stop after that (obviously, or this would be an announcement post instead).

We have one doctor appointment left. One! 9 days until baby boy is here. Holy cow it is happening so fast, and I am so excited.

Let's talk about the baby.

Week 37: Kind of like last week, there aren't many changes to baby boy now other than growth. He is officially full-term by medical standards and wouldn't be deemed a premie if he came early now. He is approximately 19.1 inches and 6.5 pounds (about the size of a leek). He is adding fat to his body at a rate of about a half ounce per day. 

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