Baby #2: Weeks 34, 35, 36

The nursery is ALMOST complete! I seriously am just missing a couple of things here and there (a.k.a. a rug and maybe a basket). It is becoming so, so real. We officially have a date, which is just crazy to think about.

At my 36 week appointment, they did my Group B Strep test so they checked me while I was there. Normally they won't be checking me at my appointments since I have a scheduled c-section (really I'm not complaining about that, one less time I have to get dressed/undressed in the day). I was 1cm and 30% though. My Braxton Hicks are turning into more of the real thing, just super sporadic and far apart. Nothing to really stop and think about though.

This weekend I will be packing our bags so we are ready just in case, but really I need him to stay  in until AT LEAST the 22nd. That is because before this baby comes, we have a wedding to go to. So obviously I need a dress! I have been looking at them for weeks now and am struggling to make up my mind. This is what I am choosing between:

Let's talk symptoms. 

I have had this constant pain in my right hip for weeks now. Depending on how I sleep it sometimes feels better in the morning, but by the end of the day it is a struggle to move my leg when I am sitting. Obviously my belly is running out of room too. I am up about 40 pounds now and I feel it in my stomach. My belly button literally feels like it is going to rip apart.

Also, I did finally switch rings. I had bought a rubber one early in my pregnancy to have when the time came, and after a couple of comments about my finger not swelling up yet it happened. Learning from my mistake last time, I took it off and am not taking chances.

Nights are starting to get rough. I am up multiple times to go to the bathroom, sweating buckets even with the fan on and my leg cramps have recently returned. Maybe I just blocked out all of this from last time, but I don't remember being nearly as uncomfortable with Leighton before that last week.

Let's talk about the baby.

Week 34: Hello canteloupe! He is about 17.7 inches now and should be around 5 pounds. His immune system is continuing to develop and his skeletal structure is hardening. 

Week 35: From a canteloupe to a honeydew melon, this little guy is growing. He is about 18.2 inches and almost 5.5 pounds. His organs are becoming more and more defined and his central nervous system is maturing. The digestive system is almost complete and his lunch are almost fully developed. 

Week 36: He is the size of a coconut now, so about 18.7 inches and just under 6 pounds. By this point the actual updates on baby get more informational. Like, the bones in his skull can move and overlap so he is able to pass through the birth canal more easily. One more week and we will be technically full-term.

Still feeling a lot of movement from him which is great obviously, and the hiccups are still happening. Leighton will talk to his baby brother now, so that is adorable too. I am making sure to soak up all the one-on-one time with Leighton that I can though. It is crazy to think that in 16 days, I will have two little boys. 

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