27 I's for my Birthday

The day has come, my BIRTHDAY! In the spirit of celebrating another trip around the sun, I thought it would be fun for me to share a bit about myself. I am not promising these all will be new, fun and exciting facts, but it is nice to do a refresher right?

Actually, it was super hard to come up with 27 things. It all started in some sort of order, but by the end, I am all over the place. Hope you make it through all of them! 

Here we go:

1. My name is Kati. Not Kathrine, Katelyn, Kathleen or Katie. Thank you, mom and dad, for picking a name that never allowed me to get one of those pre-customized name trinkets you see in gift shops. 

2. I was a Vermonter before I was a Hoosier. Born in Burlington, VT and when I was a kid we traveled back a lot. Now as an adult with responsibilities we don't get back as much, but I want to be sure my kids get that experience too!

3. The Sound of Music is my movie. And by that I mean I had it memorized by three. I would pack a suitcase and walk around the living room singing "I Have Confidence" along with Maria (and every other song in the movie). Honestly, I don't know how my mom handled it. I lose my mind watching Trolls three times in a week. She said I wanted to watch the movie pretty much every day. I can still sing every song though!

4. I was a four-sport athlete in high school. First let me say, my high school had 98 kids in it. Second, I know some people don't count cheer and dance as sports. But they have schedules and commitments just like volleyball and softball do. It took time, money and a lot of effort. (I also worked while doing all those things.)

5. I was a cheerleader in college (until I got mono and decided to quit). It was fun, but it wasn't what I was used to. Most days I felt like I worked harder for my high school coach than I did for my college one. It was because of cheerleading that I met my college bestie though! Back to her in a bit. 

6. I was also on the volleyball team in college. Early in the season, I ended up tearing cartilage in my hip that required surgery to clean up. It put me out for the year (not that I was getting time on the court anyway), and after that, I just decided collegiate sports weren't my thing. 

7. I was/am a member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women. And I am damn proud of it. No, I didn't pay for friends. No, I wasn't hazed. Yes, we did amazing philanthropic work and it gave me experiences that shaped me to be who I am today. Plus, I met and became life-long friends with an AMAZING group of ladies. 

8. I live across the street from my best friend from college. This is key because once someone told us that we would have a fight and end up hating each other before the end of our senior year. Guess what, we are still the best of friends and walk to each other's houses in our pajamas because we can!

9. I met Nate my first weekend at college. It was a Sunday, he was in his Sunday's best walking the halls of the freshman dorm with his fraternity brothers and stopped in a room I happened to be in. The story that follows is blurry and not the most picture perfect (as most freshman-year college stories usual are). Someone also told me that Nate and I would never make it, but here we are going on nine years together. 

10. I had a ten-year plan for building my family. It happened too. The plan was to marry after college and have my first baby when I was 24, have our second around two years later and be done having kids by 30. I also said I wanted two boys. Well, we got married the November after I graduated, I found out I was pregnant with Leighton on my 24th birthday (the day after we moved into our second house). Now, he is going to be just shy of two-and-a-half when Hudson is born and I will be 27. Both of my kids are boys, and I am done before 30.

11. I work in advertising. Currently, I work for a small agency in Indianapolis and am a Senior Account Executive. I love it. It gives me the ability to work on and manage so many different types of projects. 

12. I am one of those MLM ladies. No, not one of the ones that blows up your newsfeed with posts on their personal page. I am pretty particular about it, but I found a product line that I absolutely love and it made sense to share it. If you are interested the group is here.

13. I do freelance makeup work for weddings and events. I LOVE doing makeup, the obsession started in college. Now I do makeup for brides and bridal parties, as well as anyone else who needs a little extra glam in their life for an event. It makes me super happy and if I was in anything other than advertising for my day job, I would definitely be in esthetics. 

14. I have serious email pet peeves. Honestly though, if multiple people are included in an email it just seems like common sense to include them all in a reply. I could go on, but I won't. 

15. I listen to Pop/Rock music almost every Friday. Something about it just makes me happy, even though it is definitely not happy feels music. It was my music in high school and part of me can't let it go. 

16. I call my Nanna, Pappaw, Dad or Mom every day on my way home from work. Really though, they expect it now. It all started with my mom in college. I would call her as I left my job at Chili's and walked to my car and stay on the phone with her until I was safely back in my room. It continued after college, and once she got a full-time job I started adding other people into the mix. It is one of my favorite parts of the day now - just catching up with my family. Eventually, I will add my siblings into the mix but they are still living on college/high school schedules which don't jive with my adult life usually. My calls with my sister usually have to happen at night since she is currently in Utah so there is a time difference. 

17. I have a bigger eye for home design than my wallet allows. Really though, isn't that most of us? One day, my house will be decorated just so. Until then it is a constant work in progress. 

18. I have a weakness for peanut butter. Like, you can hand it to me on a spoon and I will be the happiest girl in the world. 

19. I have a problem with crunchy peanut butter. Not kidding. I will eat all the peanut butter desserts and candies in the world but put whole peanuts in my peanut butter and jelly and I freak. Just ask Nate, he hid peanuts in my spoon of smooth peanut butter one day thinking he was funny. I cried. Literally.

20. I love to read, but I am terrible at making time for it. For me, I am either all in and want to finish a book in a weekend or I just don't make the time to read even a chapter. It took me MONTHS to finish Magnolia Story. Not because I didn't like the book, I loved it. It was because I just kept doing other things instead. 

21. I want to be a golfer. Golf is a sport that Nate and I can truly enjoy together. Before we had Leighton, we would go a couple times a year but I have never been comfortable enough to go on my own. I really struggle knowing when to use which club if I am being honest. Nate always has to help me. Hopefully, I can go a few times with him once I heal up this year. 

22. I have the same attention span as my 2-year-old when it comes to house-work. I'll admit it. It drives Nate crazy, and I know it is something I need to work on. I just will start working on a project and find another project halfway through that I want to work on more. I abandon ship on the original task and the cycle goes on. 

23. I. Hate. Clowns. Terrified of them really. I blame my parents on this one. We had this HUGE stuffed clown when I was little. Sure I look happy as can be in pictures with it, but I swear it is the source of my nightmares. Speaking of clowns...

24. I worked in a haunted house through high school. It was our biggest fundraiser and it was so much fun to do each year. Of course, I knew everyone in it, but we really put a lot of effort into our costumes/makeup so things got a little freaky sometimes. There was a clown section one year and even though I knew who the clowns were, it still terrified me. 

25. I almost always order the same thing at Starbucks. Normally I go between two things: a grande Carmel Macchiato when I want something sweet or a grande Flat White if I am just there for the caffeine. In both cases, I order with an extra shot when I am not pregnant...

26. I deal with social anxiety. That is really the reason I started blogging in the first place. I would sit and run through conversations after they happened over and over again. scrutinizing every word I said until it made me sick. By writing and putting myself out there I have been able to work through it better and unless a conversation was a total train wreck I don't find myself being crippled by it. 

27. I am READY for 27. Going into this year I just know it is going to be a good one. I've got my boys, a great job, a home, loving family all over the place and some super friends. We have trips planned and plenty of free time to add in activities when we want. Bring it!

Thanks for sticking around if you made it this far! Sending you all lots of love and thanks on my birthday for following along with our life!

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