Hudson's Birth Story: Part 1

Man, think life got the best of me or what!? Hudson is almost 3 months old now, so I really need to get his birth story up. If any of you follow along on social media, you know that his first week of life was not what we (or anyone) planned for. I've gone back through and collected Nate and my thoughts from updates we sent to family and friends and have it all here for you. I'll add in my little thoughts as I think back on everything in italics too. 

April 27, 2018
I was scheduled to go in for my c-section this morning. 10:00 AM was the time scheduled for delivery, the hospital got a bit behind and roughly 45 min later we started the process. We had gotten to the hospital at 8 that morning where we also found out our best friends were in the hospital to deliver their babe too! It made it all the more special that our little babes would share a birthday. 

Once I got into the operating/delivery room, they hooked me up to everything and strapped me on the table. Before they brought Nate in they got my local done and I couldn't feel a thing. He came in and they started to cut me open and get Hudson out. 

Thinking back now, I remember hearing the anesthesiologist talk about my heart rate and giving me something to bring it back up. We ended up finding out it dropped twice before they delivered Hudson. 

After what seemed like just a few minutes he was here. 

Hudson James Blair was born on April 27, 2018 at 11:09 am. 
8 pounds 3 ounces and 20.5 inches long

I heard him before they said anything. It was a sound I will never forget my entire life and I knew at that moment things weren't exactly perfect. 

It was a gargle sound while wailing. You pray to hear the cry as they deliver your baby, and then you hear what sounds like your baby is drowning and it all but breaks you. 

Our plan was for him to come directly to me after delivery like he would have if I had a vaginal birth. Instead they took him straight to the table and started working on him to try and clear his lungs. At this moment I start to get blurry and obviously sad and I don't remember the exact conversation that followed. 

They ended up taking him to the NICU in the triage area where we thought he would be for just a few hours while they got his lungs cleared up. My doctor thought so too. 

The doctor and staff got me closed up, this is still an experience that is crazy to think about, and then took me back to the room. Being completely numb and then seeing the tent/drape shake is a really weird feeling. Eventually they got me back on my bed and wheeled me to my recovery room.

At this point neither of us had seen Hudson other than what we saw of him from the operating room. Nate was able to see him a little more than me since he wasn't laying down on a table, but still not well. The doctors and nurses were coming in and checking on us/me and all I wanted was for SOMEONE to be with our little baby. At this point I didn't care how much pain I could be heading toward or how uncomfortable I was, I wanted Nate to leave and go be with Hudson. 

As we waited for my numbness to go away and for me to get moved to my room for the next couple of days, Nate went and checked in on Hudson in the NICU triage as often as he could. He would come back and give me updates when he learned new things. At this point he hadn't held him or anything. He held his little hand, but that was it. 

When I was cleared to move to my room they took me to see Hudson finally. They pulled my bed up right beside his and I got to touch his back and just be with him for a moment. We still were hopeful that he wouldn't be in the NICU long, that it would just be a quick stay (and in hindsight it still was a shorter stay than many NICU families). After a few minutes with him, they took me to my room and that was that. Nate continued to go back and forth, checking on him and getting updates from the staff. Eventually they decided to actually place him in a room in the NICU.

I can't remember anything from that first night other than the desire to hold my little baby was so strong. They got me a pump and I tried my hardest to get the milk flowing as soon as possible. It didn't happen as quickly as it did with Leighton which was frustrating too. 

That is all for now, it is getting too long so I am breaking it up into two parts. The next will be longer I'm sure, I was just getting really emotional writing this one and need to take a break. 

Thanks for stopping in today. 

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