Derby Days

Although I am still in Indiana, the Derby is still being celebrated on Saturday. Last year our group of friends had the First Annual Trentucky Derby in honor of one of our friends moving into his new house. It was later in the summer than the Derby, but we still had an amazing time and dressed the part. My husband ended up being on the winning team and I ended up winning major points with all of the guys - I "Iced" them all. Best "Icing" ever too, the bottles were hid at the bottom of a Taco Bell Taco Ten Pack box and covered with the tacos. No one saw it coming.

Now, this year Nate should make sure to keep his expectations in check and realize that I am not as good as his last partner at party games. I am also going in well aware that I am going to get "Iced" this year. Full post on the shenanigans that go on this Saturday on Sunday, or follow me on Instagram (see below or in sidebar).

In the true spirit of the Derby I also pulled together some of my favorite items that if I was actually going then I would buy. However, I am not, so I will be seeing what I can pull together for Saturday that fits the bill but doesn't break the bank. Check out some of my favorite items here, there are both budget friendly and more high end options.

Nate and I at the First Annual Trentucky Derby

The boy's before following through on their Icing



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