Planning a Party

So, on Sunday as I was hanging out with the in-laws I got a phone call from my lovely sister about her upcoming graduation. I asked her a couple questions - Have you got a dress yet? Do you have shoes? How are we decorating your party? The answers I received - No, no and um I was thinking you should. All of these are answers that I could have answered for her because I know her that well.

I love my sister, but we are a little different from each other. I plan ahead, she procrastinates. I am a girly-girl and she is not quite. However, we are similar and both wish we lived further south than good old Indiana and she trusts me and knows that I am a perfectionist when it comes to planning and parties. That being said she, and our cousin, are trusting me to decorate their graduation party and I am stoked!

So here is where I am at:

Colors: White, turquoise, gold with a hint of coral

charm and gumption giveaway - drifter and the gypsy blog
Graduation Party Decorations - Shutterfly Graduation Invitationscenter peices for graduation party | Graduation Party Ideas - Smarty Had A Party Blog   Great idea for a theme party using colors or baby/bridal shower or graduation party using school colors.

graduation party
Shopping List:
Tissue paper

Stay tuned for a final result of this party! Follow my Pinerest board for more party inspiration!

With my baby sister on her Prom day.


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