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Hey Everyone!

I am back. Sorry things have been crazy lately and I just stopped even thinking about writing and just focused on my life. So life update post coming soon, but until then here are some of my favorite Beauty Vloggers on YouTube that you should definitely start following!

Who: Jaclyn Hill
Why: She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about beauty and is always on top of her game. I have been a subscriber of hers for a while now (she was one of the first people I started following) and she has yet to disappoint.
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Who: MakeupByTiffanyD
Why: She has a great mix of high end and drugstore products for her beauty videos. Also, she throws in a lot of other videos - clothes, lifestyle, etc. Her videos are detailed and she seems very honest in her personality. I found her by following her blog (which is also great) first and then started watching her videos too.
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Who: Stephanie Willis
Why: She is a small town girl, with a passion for makeup and beauty in general...and she just so happens to be from my hometown so I have to show the girl some love. She is very interactive with her followers on Facebook and YouTube and has a wonderful mixture of high end and drugstore products. Her videos range from skin care to wedding looks and she is always asking what you want to see next. Show her some love people!
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Who: Nicole Guerriero
Why: She is awesome. Plain and simple. Her channel is a great mixture of hair and makeup videos along with random life and specialty videos. She is great and her videos are always entertaining. Check her out!!!
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Who: Lauren Curtis
Why: First of all, besides her great makeup tips I love her accent. She is fun to watch and again has a great mix of tutorials and videos. She also has a mix of high end and drugstore. Great beauty blogger, love her!
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My Makeup Story
I began to really get into makeup my Sophomore year of college. I started watching a lot of YouTube videos and talking to people at Sephora. Most of all I just started experimenting with different products, on both my face and my roommates. As the years went on I became the go to girl for eye makeup when we went out and racked up some impressive points at Sephora.

I have a lot of make up, not as much as a makeup artist or beauty vlogger would, but compared to anyone else I know I have a ridiculous amount. Also, I don't see myself slowing down buying things anytime soon. I love it all and if I would ever go back and get more education in a different field than my PR/Journalism degree I would pursue becoming a makeup artist.

What about you guys? Do any of you have some great makeup vloggers that you follow?


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