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Well two weeks ago our life changed and we have been getting less sleep ever since. No I did not secretly have a baby... we got a puppy! Meet Remington, the newest member of the Blair family.

Isn't he just the cutest!
Remington is a full-blood Golden Retriever. His dad was really red toned and his mom looked like a classic golden so he is going to be a very pretty dog. Because we were looking for a hunting dog, we got ours from a breeder instead of adopting one from a shelter. Of course we are big believers in helping out these puppies that need to find forever homes, but in this situation we really wanted to know the history of our dog's parents to get the best dog we could. So far it has really paid off. Remi has pretty much potty trained himself and is really well behaved. He also loves to swim, which is a great start to his hunting training. The only issue we have really is he really HATES his kennel at night. We have tried everything. So far, playing the radio all night helps a bit, but he is still really whiny. Any suggestions on how to get my pup to sleep through the night would be greatly appreciated.

My love and I at my sister's graduation party.
We also celebrated my sister's graduation when we went home to get our puppy baby. I cannot believe that I have two siblings in college now and the youngest is in high school. I don't feel like my own graduation was that long ago, but we are coming up on my five year reunion so I need to start believing it.

The next month will be jam packed with mini-trips and visitors, all leading up to the hubby going back to school to get his Master's in Athletic Training. I couldn't be more proud of him, especially since through all of that he is also planning on taking the test to become a certified strength and conditioning coach. I am so happy that he has found a career that he can be passionate about and really enjoy. He is such a helpful person and loves making a difference/impact on a person's life. I love him so much (okay, gushy moment over).

Here is to all of the life changes that have happened and all of those left to come. I can't see what else God has in store for our lives!


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Had to take advantage of a good hair/makeup day. #selfie

Remi's first swim!

So easily tired out..

I am in love with this puppy, he is perfect for us!

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