A Month in Pictures | September

Becuase I had a super exciting day (brother visited and some exciting shopping and dinner with a friend), I am posting later than planned, but I am not missing a day! October 4 is "your favorite Instagram picture for #blogtober14. However, staying true to form I couldn't just pick one, so I have three that fall into two categories: favorite recent and favorite all time.

My favorite recent instagram picture

I can't choose between these two pictures. They are both selfies but I love each of them for different reasons.

I love this first one because of this lipstick and my hair. I was so happy with it and obviously liked it enough to make it my profile pic on both Instagram and Keep.

And this one, I mean come on. Wine and football (The Colts) what is better on a Sunday afternoon. I just really love it and it just looked so pretty.

My favorite all time instagram picture

 There will probably not be a picture to top this one until I have my first child. It is the exact moment that I broke down and cried for the first (and only) time on my wedding day. I took the pictures while my mom help my bouquet for me. I wanted to highlight the special things that I did to hold my Oma and my sorority close to me on my big day. 

Here are all my pictures from September just for good measure as well.

Do you have a favorite Instagram picture?

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