This Fall

Since it is officially a new season, I felt like it was appropriate to make a bucket list for everything I want to do in the next few months. 

So this fall I will:

drink a salted caramel mocha
watch a Halloween movie
snuggle by the fire
go to a football game
visit an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch
burn fall candles
eat Halloween candy
bake an apple dessert
sip hot cider
wear dark nails
buy a new scarf
wear dark lips
carve a pumpkin
drink fall wine
make a chunky blanket
try a new hairstyle
hand out candy on Halloween
Make a fall craft
host a fall party
read by the fire
go on a hay ride
decorate for the season
take pictures with the leaves
wear leggings and boots
show some love to my sweaters
go on a walk and enjoy the weather
eat a lot of soup

What is on your bucket list for fall?

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