My Dream Vacation

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Morning lovelies!

Today's post is going to be full of high expectations and warm weather wishes - my absolute dream vacation. Because this is my dream vacation, I am giving no thought to price.

Location: Anywhere where the sun shines bright and it doesn't rain. 87 degrees with a slight breeze to keep it comfortable. Somewhere where the water is crystal clear, blue and shark free.

What I will be doing:
Reading, laying out, sleeping, riding horses, snorkeling, learning to windsurf and paddle board, getting a massage and taking advantage of the all-inclusive perks such as food and beverages.

Who I am with:
My husband and our closest friends. A vacation is only as good as the people you are with and our group of friends makes everything more fun. Besides if it was just us two, who would take our pictures on the beach as sunset?

Now, while this vacation sounds like the thing dreams are made of - it is - it is obviously not a practical dream vacation at this point in my life. A more realistic dream vacation right now would be me and the husband, curled up in a cabin somewhere on the side of a mountain. There would be just enough snow to make it even prettier outside and there would be  a big fireplace and hot tub to keep us warm.

What is your dream vacation, realistic or not? Who would you take?

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

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