Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves... Every one has them. Some people have more than others, but everyone has something that bugs them. If for some reason you are the exception to the rule, then congrats because you are truely a special individual and deserve an award. 

Here we go...

When people don't care about what their children are doing.

Seriously though, there is no need to let your child run around like a mad person. I know I don't have kids so I can't know what it is like yet, but my mom always kept us from running around like a chicken with its head cut off so it has to be do-able right? If not then my mother is super mom and deserves an award like all you people with no pet peeves.

Laundry sorted wrong

While I praised my mom in the last one, I am blaming her for this one. I cannot stand it when laundry is sorted wrong, and by wrong I mean not the way I would. Of course I separate out hot, warm and cold, but then I do colors too - warm separately from cool, white from black. I even sort out the weight of things, jeans and sweatshirts are totally separate from t-shirts. The husband doesn't touch the laundry as your could probably guess.

Grammar mistakes in FB rants

Everyone makes a small mistake sometimes, but  I cannot stand when someone goes off on a rant and spells something wrong. Nothing discredits an argument faster to me than using the wrong form of your (you're), there (their), apart (a part), etc.

Ignoring your hairstyle from behind

My Oma gets credit for this. She told me to always pay attention to how the back of my hair was styled. Really though, just like bad grammar discredits your argument, a badly styled back of the head completely ruins a look that was otherwise on point.

I am going to stop there or I would just let the whole world in on my OCD/very odd pet peeves. Surely I am not the only one that has some of these on their list. What bugs you?

Thanks for reading!

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