The wedding won

Well, I made it to Monday. That is an accomplishment after this weekend. Friday we had a night out with family for Nate's aunt's 50th birthday. It was a nice way to start off our weekend for sure. We always like hanging out with our family.

Then on Saturday we tackled another wedding. Nate and I have been to several weddings this year and I had been beyond impressed with how I have felt the next day for each of them. That no hangover streak ended this weekend and the wedding won. Luckily I was not the only one feeling ill, everyone I know from college was hungover from homecoming, so Sunday was filled with pathetic looking Snapchats that were good for a giggle. I was impressed with how fast I got ready for this wedding though. I had church class on Saturday morning and that went until noon so I had a whole hour and a half to eat, shower and get ready. When I showed up to the wedding ten minutes early I felt really good about myself.

First attempt win!

Other than the blurriness this was a good one

Come Sunday morning though I felt less than perfect and it became a recovery day. I didn't even have the energy to pack for my work trip until really late. Days on the struggle bus are going to happen, but no one enjoys them. 

Now, because of this crazy weekend I didn't exactly stay caught up with my #Blogtober14 posts so here are Saturday and Sunday's along with my one for today!

October 11 | If you were president...
Everyone would have a mandatory vacation. Seriously though, look at Europe, they all take a good vacation. Americans need to take their heads out of work and realize that two weeks away with your family will save you in the long run. It relaxes you and gives you a clear head to return to work. It will be my first order of business in the Oval Office.

October 12 | Best advice you've been given...
Be honest. Every blogger says this I think and it really has struck me. Why lie and put this crazy life together that isn't real? Eventually someone will find out and then your credibility is gone. But this advice goes beyond the blogging world, we all need to be honest one hundred percent of the time. All dishonesty does is hurt those we care about so man up and tell the truth. Period. That is why I am being honest about my weekend earlier in this post, just putting it all out there. Judge away world.

October 13 | Favorite Fall recipe...
This is a hard one, not because I have so many to choose between, but because I am really picky. I would love to say that I have all these amazing pumpkin treats that I enjoy making but I am not a fan of pumpkin (guess I can't be a basic white girl, huh buzzfeed). I actually don't like dessert with fruit in it period so I am really strange, except when it comes to apple crisp. I love me some apple crisp. It was the first dessert with fruit in it that I ventured out of my comfort zone to try and I loved it. So that is my favorite recipe. I don't have a particular one that I am partial to so I chose the cutest version that I had pinned on Pinterest. 

Source | The Wetherhills Say I Do

What is your favorite fall treat?

That is all from me! Have a wonderful Monday!

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