5 Things Your Stylist Wishes You Would Do

Until I moved to Fort Wayne, I had never been in a position where I had to tell a "stranger" what I wanted to do with my hair. I grew up with a grandma who had her own beauty shop and we were always in there doing each other's hair as kids or having her do something to ours. My hair has been almost every color possible (black, purple, red, brown, blonde-ish). I have had perms, bangs, bobs and extensions. Once I moved four and a half hours away from my Nanna I had to bite the bullet and find a salon. 

I found the perfect place at Pin Up Curls, when looking for a salon to use for my wedding day. Little did I know that my soon to be best friend worked there and that she would start dating Nate's best friend within a month of my first visit. It was fate I'll tell ya!

So, I have a very good relationship with my hair stylist as a result and I thought it would be fun to do a 5 Things post with things your hair stylist wishes you knew. 

Meet my stylist! 

5 Things...

1. We understand you don't want to show up with dirty hair, but please don't come with wet hair. Most of the time we are scheduled to the minute and showing up with wet hair to a color appointment just takes away from the time we could have been using to make you beautiful. We don't mind dirty hair!

2. Have your desired style/color/cut already narrowed down to a couple of ideas. The phrase "do whatever you want" doesn't actually make our job easier.

3. Someone somewhere once said its better to do an updo on dirty hair, BUT it is actually easier to dirty hair up with product than to make a greasy head look clean. Not only that, but then you get to be fresh and clean on the day of your wedding/prom.

4. Please take our advice when we suggest something that would make your hair healthier, such as adding a product, taking off more than a trim, a few less highlights next time, or turning your flat iron temperature down (it doesn't need to be at 450 degrees). We can't make your hair look beautiful if you don't take care of your hair once you leave our chair. Remember we are beauticians not magicians.

5. Last but not least please please re-book with your stylist at the end of your service, men too! We understand your schedule is crazy, but so is ours. When you need to squeeze in for a quick trim we can't always guarantee that A) we can find a spot for you or B) that we are going to be able to give you the quality hair cut you deserve because you absolutely couldn't wait until next week.

Short Version:
Don't wash your hair before your cut or color, unless you have time to dry it too.
Know what you basically want.
Clean hair is better for an updo.
Take the advice of your stylist, hair is their area of expertise.
Always try and re-book at the salon.

And that is all!

Boom! 5 things your stylist wishes you would do. Are you guilty of any of these or were you shocked by any of them?

If any of you lovely readers out there are from the Fort Wayne area by chance, make an appointment with Seanie at Pin Up Curls. She is amazing and my hair always looks amazing!

Is there anything that you would like to ask your stylist? Do you have any hair questions in general?

Have a great day, and remember to thank a vet!

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