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Just because I don't believe Christmas decorations should go up before Black Friday, doesn't mean I don't start to prepare throughout the rest of November. Part of my pre-Christmas prep includes stocking up on all things Christmas smelling, so when I was given the chance to try out Old Factory Candles c/o Brand Backer I just couldn't refuse. 

First thing is first, let me tell you about the product:
Old Factory candles are hand-poured in the USA with natural soy wax, self-trimming cotton candle wicks, and premium fragrance oils. The Old Factory Candle Gift Sets each contain 3 different scented candles. Each candle burns clean and even for 20 hours. The subtle jar design makes it the perfect complement for any decor, and any room of the house - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, family room, great room, and basement. Each gift set is themed around a group of related fragrances. So everyone is sure to find something perfect for every occasion, every room in the house, and all the special someones in your life. Old Factory Candle Gift Sets are sold exclusively on Amazon.

Ordering was easy, once I found the product listing (I made that easier for you though by providing the link to each scent collection below), and my candles arrived on time.

I personally judge products by their packaging initially, and these candles were packaged so well! The box itself was very informative while still looking clean and fun. Once I opened it up and looked at the candles inside I was happily surprised to see that their branding continued through to the inside of the box. It really added something to the thought that was behind these candles. The labels on the candles themselves also looked fun and meshed very well with the box they came in. 

Since I knew I wanted to stock up on holiday scents, I ordered the Happy Holidays collection which included: Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Gingerbread. They all smell similar to the name they are given and have a decent amount of scent to them just sitting unlit. 

I decided to light the Gingerbread candle to give it a test run and let it sit for an hr. After being lit for an hour I noticed a subtle smell filling my living room. It wasn't overpowering, and was just enough. The candle also burnt really cleanly as well, which is always nice. 

Overall I think these candles are great for smaller rooms or in addition to other forms of yummy smelling things. Personally I plan on using these in our bedrooms to bring the Christmas spirit throughout the other rooms of my house. Their size is perfect for a bedside table without having to take up too much space and the packaging of the candle itself is clean and will blend in with my decor around the house as well.

Personally, the price is a bit much for me, but when you think about the fact that they are made in the USA and hand-poured it makes it better. I love supporting local/American businesses so I could justify spending the $8.33-ish per candle - especially since they are supposed to last 20 hours. After burning mine for an hour you could barely tell that any was gone.

Want to try a set out for yourself? They come in 13 different scent collections so you can find the one perfect for you!

I received these items for testing purposes courtesy of Brand Backer and Old Factory Candles. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

What is your favorite scent for Christmas time?

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