Friday's Favorites | November 7

Morning everyone! I have some random favorites this week. Everything from One Direction, to articles about Christianity. That being said, here we go!

1. Christian celebs and breaking the cookie cutter

Matthew McConaughey, Gwen Stefani, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, and Shia LaBeouf all have professed their faith this year on different talk shows or during awards ceremonies. LaBeouf's choice of words while doing so has brought up a whole other topic though about cookie cutter Christians and how Christians don't always look like you would think they should. Not every Christian is a pastor, and personally I have never been one to throw my faith in your face. If you ask me about it I will talk very openly, and if you pay attention my opinions will reflect my beliefs. But I love that the idea of different faces of Christianity is getting attention, like in this article.

2. Sadie Robertson on Dancing with the Stars

Honestly, she has been my favorite from the beginning. I am a Duck Dynasty viewer (my husband is also a duck hunter, completely unrelated but whatever), and throughout the competition so far she has blown me away. Her and her entire family have such a strong faith and I love seeing her stick to those values throughout the show. Her dances have all been amazing too.

3. Something in the Water

I haven't been able to get enough of this song lately!

4. This tweet by @xoSincerlyJenn 

5. This workout 

I did this workout on Wednesday and it felt so good!
This includes my notes, sorry!
Stair Mill | 20 Minutes
1:20 intervals 
Level 10 single steps
Level 9 double steps

Core Work
3 sets of 10 V Ups
3 sets of 8 Full extensions with medicine ball
3 sets of 8 hanging leg lifts
3 sets of 10 Russian twists with medicine ball

6. One Direction Makeup Giveaways

Don't miss out on these fun giveaways, such bright and fun colors!

Makeup giveaways!


That is all for me today. Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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