Time well spent

Hello again! It is yet another Monday and honestly, life is good. This weekend was productive and relaxing at the same time, so I have set myself up for a decent week.

This was actually Thursday but It was just too good of a picture of  Remi to not share!
Side note about the above picture: If you are looking for a good hot chocolate for the upcoming cooler months, get the Swiss Miss® Simply Cocoa. I loved it! Super creamy and perfect just as it is, I didn't feel the need to add marshmallows or anything. And drinking it by the fire with my pup was icing on the cake!

Now, let's start with Friday shall we? Friday was my first official sweater, leggings, boots outfit of the year - basic much? Top that off with a hard cider and friends, you really can't beat it. 

Saturday was probably my favorite day of the weekend. I relaxed around the house all morning then headed out for some shopping. There were some major deals at the mall and if it wouldn't have been so packed I probably would have stayed there longer but I got what I was looking for - new jeans! Not only did I buy new jeans, but I sold two pairs at Plato's (for way less than they were worth but hey better than them sitting on my shelf collecting dust). By dinner I was starving and we met friends at Buffalo Wild Wings for wings and beer. Then we headed to the nearest Redbox and rented two movies. Surprisingly, we didn't pick up candy (but we had some at home). First up was "Think Like a Man, Too" and I gotta say it was funny. Kevin Hart definitely kept me laughing and seeing Terrence Jenkins in a movie was fun too since I normally see him every day on E! Then we watched "The Fault in our Stars" and oh my goodness did I cry. I cry so easily, but I think even Nate was on the verge of tears during this one. The only time we laughed was when we looked down to check on Remi and saw him passed out on the pillow.
Seriously, he doesn't always act like a dog.
Sunday was church and leftovers, then on to cleaning the house. My kitchen looked amazing by the end of the day and all the laundry was done. Our room was completely put together again too. It was successful for sure. Not only did we get a lot done at home, but we both also went and worked out. My workout felt great and I really pushed myself - so proud. I also kept myself hydrated throughout the entire thing with my pretty little bottle of resource water. Have you tried it yet?

 Swiss Miss® Simply Cocoa & resource® Natural Spring Water: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Workouts on Sundays always are a positive and a shock when I complete them!

That is all for me! What did you do this weekend? I have some exciting things planned for the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

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