All That Glitters

During my work travels, I had the unfortunate luck of breaking my favorite gold and rhinestone necklace. Super crappy timing with New Year's Eve being today. So it is time to start looking for a new one, here are the one's on my list so far (plus a few other sparkly finds)!

 photo AllThatGlitters_zps78866a48.jpg

1. Anastasia Floral Necklace | Olive and Piper
2. Audrey Ear Jacket | Olive and Piper
3. Crystal Dot Necklace | Mindy Mae's Market
4. Tasha Crystal Statement Necklace | Nordstrom
5. BP. Crystal Cluster Bib Necklace | Nordstrom
6. Party All the Time Necklace | Accessory Concierge
7. Opera Bib Necklace | Ily Couture
8.  LC Lauren Conrad Button Stud Earrings | Kohls
9. Two-Tone Sparkle Bangle | Banana Republic

You can find all of these gorgeous pieces on my [Jewelry Needs] collection on Keep!

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