Looking Forward at 2015

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Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully your night was filled with glitter and bubbles. After working a hockey game I headed to our friends' house to ring in the new year with my husband and our friends.

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With the new year come all sorts of resolutions to improve our lives. This year, I am going to set more of a theme for the year than an overall resolution. That theme will be the basis of my goals for the year and for each month!

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Health & Fitness

My health and fitness focused resolution/goal for 2015 is to really commit to my plan and focus on getting the body I really want before it becomes baby-time. To help me with this I am going to create the mother of all fitness journals/binders to track all of my workouts, progress and set up rewards along the way.


Last year Nate and I started a home binder to keep us organized with our budget. This year I want to make that easier to use, encompass more and us to actually consistently use it.


Nate and I have always said that we want to set date nights up regularly and I really want to focus on that this year. Our work schedules aren't similar at all so us time isn't always the same from week to week, planning these dates out is exactly what we need.  I also want to work on my communication skills with him and be more consistent about sharing how I am feeling and not holding it all in. This has always been a struggle for me and he knows it.


Finally, my blog. I really want to step it up this year. I am going to do more planning things out for the month by organizing a Raindrops on Roses binder/tote, complete with calendar, tips and ideas, and helpful articles. I want to make everything consistent too, from blog to social media. There will be some changes coming to the site itself and hopefully I can get it all worked out to drop the ".blogspot" and switch things up a bit.

I am excited for the new year and all that will be coming with it. Bring it on 2015, we are ready for you!

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