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Staying true to form, this post is a couple of days into the month, but it is happening and that is all that matters.  I am really happy to say all of my goals from last month were accomplished. It feels so good to be able to cross things off a list, don't you agree?

Moving on to February (did anyone else think this came super quickly?), I am going to stick to one goal for each category still. The month is short and I am a couple of days in already. 

Health & Fitness
Go to the gym three times a week and do yoga at least once a week.

Come up with a cleaning schedule (daily, weekly and monthly tasks).

Plan "us" time around all of our work travel, including at least two dates.

Schedule out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Posts by Sunday, and schedule Fridays post by Thursday evening.

I want to do a Valentine's Day craft and a baked treat so those will happen too.

I think these are going to be very attainable, yet somewhat challenging goals this month.

Looking at last month, I am super impressed/proud of myself. I will be sharing my Health and Fitness binder with you all tomorrow (so come back!), and my home one on Monday. I think I may even do a Sunday post and share the blog one (if I don't on Sunday, it will be up on Monday).

January's Goals

Health & Fitness
Get my fitness journals/binder created to kick-start my new fitness journey (and share it with all of you).
Done! Just waiting to share until tomorrow.

Staying on the binder train, get my home organization binder set up (and share it also)!
Again, done! Sharing on Monday after I fill it all in.

Plan out two date nights to have before the end of the month.
Yup, winning. We had two date nights. They were stay in date nights but they count and I loved them.

Set-up my blog planning binder (editorial calendar, planning sheets, etc.)
Finalizing a couple of details and filling in all the information and then sharing with all of you lovelies.

Look at each of those lines being crossed off! It feels so good!

To add a bit extra, here are the songs I "loved" during the month of January. It just proves how eclectic my music taste is.

What are your goals for the month? Any good yoga at home suggestions?

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