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Morning loves! As promised, today is the day I am sharing my fitness tracker and explain my plan to you all. But first some words of motivation, because I need them lately (winter sickness is getting to me).

Your Monday Motivation to Build Up a Serious Sweat: If you put in the time at the gym, then your body and mind are going to reap the benefits! Remember this quote the next time you
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Alright, so as I mentioned yesterday I completed my fitness tracker for my health and fitness binder. My thought behind this is that these pages will be printed multiple times and I can keep them all in a binder to track my progress.

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First up is the check-in page. This is filled out at the beginning of the month, when progress pictures are taken. Measurements to see gains and losses and pictures to see the physical changes from month to month. I have weight in here because I feel like sometimes it is just good to see. By no means do I base my thoughts on my body around my weight. Normally I go by the fit of my pants. Now, however, I will have the measurements and pictures to keep me on track. I also included a section for goals. I really think this is important. You have to know what you want to plan out your workouts to get there.

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The second sheet will be printed weekly. In the past I have had the problem with repeating the same workout too close together. By using the "Focus" section of this sheet, I can better track when I worked what muscle group and really make sure I am getting the best workout for my body. Right now, I plan on having two rest days, three lifting days, one cardio and one yoga/heavy stretching. Hopefully that happens (not happening this week)...

Besides these pages, I also have a little notebook that I take with me to the gym that has my workout written in it. This way I can carry it with me and keep track of how much weight I am using and if I am gaining strength. This is one thing that is stressed by my husband (Athletic trainer and fitness lover) - always have a plan.

"Always make sure you have a plan figured out before going to the gym. A lot of people go to the gym without a plan and spend twice as long there, but get half as much done." - Nate

And that is that. You can download these pages below. If you use them let me know your thoughts so I can make improvements where they are needed!

February Check-In
Weekly Workout Tracker

What is the best resource for workouts that you use?

Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer or a supplement expert. The workouts/fitness ideas/supplements I post are what works for me, but they might not be right for you. Always do your research and/or consult your doctor/health professional before changing to your diet and/or fitness routine. 

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