Friday's Favorites | February 6

Happy Friday! So glad it is the weekend. I am beyond ready to spend time with my love before the real start of baseball traveling begins. Oh, the joys of an Athletic Trainer's wife (I know there are worse things, my sister-in-law is a Navy wife).

This Jimmy Fallon Video

Seriously, Fallon can do no wrong (especially when you add Will Smith in on top of it all).


For real, walking in to Target is serious business. You never leave with only what is on your list. Last night I ended up with a bottle of wine I wasn't planning on getting, but I will never complain about that!

Flat White


Yup, call me basic. I love me some Starbucks and lately I cannot get enough of their new Flat White's. I got my first one on my way to Chicago a couple weekends ago and I haven't gotten anything different since.

This Dry Shampoo

Eufora Touch Up Clear Texturizing Dry Shampoo (c/o)
Let me tell ya, the ladies at Pin Up Curls know the way to my heart. Big, messy hair is my favorite and when I can get that on day two or three I am in heaven. Thank goodness they introduced me to their dry shampoo because it is my new favorite. It takes care of the oil and adds some grit/lift to my hair. Plus, they gave me the clear formula so I don't have to worry about making sure I have it all rubbed in.  

These freebie printables

I shared them with you yesterday, so check them out!

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These Pictures Made Me Smile




And that is it - my favorites for the week! What have you been loving lately? Any good tips on things to try?

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