A Pinch of Green

I am not the biggest, deck me out in luck of the Irish kind of person. So when St. Patrick's Day rolls around you will likely see me in neutrals with just a hint of green (shoes, jewelry, scarf). Not because I don't like green, but just because I would rather not be another green all over person.

However, looking at my most recent keeps you would think that I only wear black, white, grey and tan/nude. It is starting to be a problem. That being said, here are my most recent lusts in the shoe and accessory department.

See, nude and tan everywhere. I did throw in  some really great color too. These Valentino "Rockstuds" are to die for! I am also obsessed with these floral Birkenstocks and the fringed high heels.
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Keeping my love for fringe going (and tan/nude) this MILLY Crossbody has stole my heart.

And that is my list for now. Stay up to date with the items I am drooling over by following my on Keep.com.

What are you wishing for? Anyone else feel the way I do about green on St. Patrick's Day?

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