Essential Oils, the Beginning Thoughts

Earlier this week I talked about supplements, which ones I take, and the ones I am looking into. However, I also feel like I need to bring up essential oils and their benefits/uses too because lately it seems they are everywhere. Currently, I am not using them on a daily basis, but I have been really interested in them and have started doing my research.

So far I have lemon and peppermint, but I am interested in more than that. 

Tea Tree Oil
Uses: Skin problems like acne and fungus
I have a face wash that has tea tree oil in it already, but I am interested in seeing how the straight oil itself can be used.

Uses: Relaxing, help with bruises/cuts/skin irritation, reduce stress
Although I don't have this in oil form, I make sure to have lavender scents throughout my house (especially in our bedroom) to help me relax. My goal is to have a oil diffuser in our next house and let the aroma fill the room before bed.

InstaNatural Lemon Essential Oil (c/o)
Uses: Detox, acne, boost alertness, increasing focus/concentration, repel fleas on pets.
Again, I would love to see how this works with acne. Even better is the use for fleas! This is one of the oils that I have currently (thanks to BrandBacker and InstaNatural) so I will be playing around with it. 

Uses: Helps with fatigue and fighting jet lag, great for cleaning
This is interesting to me, cleaning with oil...

Uses: Colds, allergies, relieve sore muscles, antibacterial
As I currently am dealing with a cold or allergies, this sounds amazing right now.

InstaNatural Peppermint Essential Oil (c/o)
Uses: Increase mental alertness/ purifies/stimulates the mind, aids indigestion
Smelling peppermint just makes me happy. This is the other oil that I have currently (c/o BrandBacker and InstaNatural) and I really am looking for a diffuser so I can get this going and clear my head. Just having the bottle sit around gives off the scent and it is glorious.

Do you use oils? Where do I even start? Is there a brand out there that is really just killing it right now? Help a girl out!

Disclaimer: I received some items c/o of BrandBacker and InstaNatural for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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