Let me start out by giving my disclaimer. I am not a doctor, and I am not saying you should take these supplements. Like with my day two hair tutorial, I am always so interested in what other people do to keep their body and skin in tip, top shape. These are the supplements I take to keep my body going strong. You should consult with your doctor before starting anything and really do your research about how a certain supplement will affect you before starting something new. 

Okay, so like I said these are the supplements I take to keep my body going strong. I am not perfect and I do not always take them every day, but I try my hardest. Here is what I take and why, as well as some new supplements I am looking into getting.

Evening Primrose Oil

I began to take this supplement because of research done by my Momma. I have slight eczema and it has been considered one of the best remedies to ease not only eczema but other skin issues as well.


This is a pretty standard one. Biotin is supposed to help with hair and nail growth/strength and I have taken it since I was a sophomore in college probably (I honestly don't remember, but it has been a while). I notice the most difference in my nails when I take it continuously. They grow much faster and stronger. My hair grows decently fast anyway, but I am always game for something with an extra boost.


I started taking iron tablets because I was not eating red meat (literally, maybe once a month). I was tired and bruising so easily and after doing some research this was the answer. Currently, I am not taking it daily, but when I notice I am starting to loose energy and not eating foods with iron in them naturally (spinach, red meat, oysters, cashews...). Iron can also contribute to brittle nails and dull hair.


Lately it seems like everyone is Gluten Intolerant or is just going gluten free for the health benefits. Honestly the topic makes me uncomfortable, mostly because I know that it isn't actually a healthier option most times (gluten free breads and other treats have a lot more sugar most of the time). That being said, I do avoid gluten. Not because of the "healthiness" of it, but because it is the only thing I can link my stomach pain/discomfort back too. (TMI? Oh, well. We are honest here.) No, I haven't been to the doctor to get diagnosed officially, but that is only because I don't know where to start.

Until then I am doing the easy thing. Avoiding gluten when possible (try to only eat one meal a day that has gluten in it), and looking into something to aid in intestinal/digestive health. My parents have always been big believers in probiotics, and lately I feel like you hear about them more (Erin Andrews commercial for example). So, I figured it was time to try them out by testing one by Zenwise Labs (c/o).

Zenwise Labs' Super Strength Probiotics contains 10 natural probiotic cultures that assist in the body's digestive process. These probiotics also serve to fight and protect against harmful bacteria to promote a healthy immune system. Each serving of our probiotics contain 15 billion live probiotic cultures to ensure a natural digestive balance.
Disclosure: I was given this product c/o BrandBacker and Zenwise Labs for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.



I saw this on The Skinny Confidential and figured, well if she is doing it, I might as well try it! It is helpful with hair and nail growth and according to the model that Lauryn got the idea from, it is better than biotin. Also on the list of things it does: prevents/reduces wrinkles, helps regulate hormones, reduces appearance of cellulite and more. Sounds pretty good, can't hurt to try it right?

Vitamin C

This one can help improve hair growth, fight dandruff and lead to tighter, brighter skin. It also helps your body absorb iron. While I don't take Vitamin C supplements, I do use a Vitamin C serum (see it here).

Have you tried any of these or do you have any thoughts about supplements in general? I would love to hear what you have to say.

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