Before Every Rainbow there is Rain

Kind of a gloomy title I guess, but it is life right now. Let's just jump right in to the life update shall we?


I had my last Komet game (because of our move) and I was heading there a bit early. Apparently I am a magnet for terrible drivers though because someone backed into my car at a stoplight. Long story short he was oblivious to the world and almost drove off like nothing happened. Luckily I am a drama queen and made a slight scene so he asked me if I wanted to pull off up in one of the parking lots and we did to double check that there was no damage. Lucky for him, he managed to only hit me with his tire. Still not sure how, but that was better than having a real wreck.

Life went on and I headed to my last hockey game, where I managed to finish the season without falling on the ice! I count that as a major win.


This was the first Saturday that Nate and I had absolutely no plans set. It felt awesome! We ended up heading to his parents during the afternoon then had friends over for dinner that night. Apparently my enchilada game was on point, because everyone was complimenting my cooking. Ego boost for sure, thanks guys!


After waking up bright and early, we headed to look at houses. We had it narrowed down to two and then we were going to look at a model house as a back up if we decided to build instead. After house number one, Nate's care decided to stop working and we all piled in his parents car hoping it would start when we got back.

We looked at the second house and decided that there wasn't a need to see the model house and headed to lunch. After lunch we went back to his car to try and start it and nothing. Another long story short: We tried to fix it. It didn't work. We called a tow truck. Nate wiggled some wires out of frustration. It started up. So, so thankful that it did.

Now I am car-less until we make sure everything is good and Nate is starting his first week of work. We are waiting to hear about the house and putting in our offer with fingers crossed.

Nothing can ever go smoothly, that would just be too easy right?

On a brighter note, I saw temperatures over 40 this weekend! I thought this day would never come. Honestly, I just felt so much better when I knew that it was warmer out. Now we are looking at 50's all week. I really can't even stand it. Finally I can run outside with the dog and not worry about falling on ice.

I hope your weekend was less surprise filled than ours!

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