But Why?

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But why?

This is s a question I find myself asking all the time. Like yesterday when I walked out of work to three inches of snow on my car. Or Saturday morning when the dog decided eight o'clock was late enough and it is time for everyone to be up. 

But why?

We could question everything, but we would never get anywhere. Dwelling on things of the past do not let us move forward into the future. I am guilty of dwelling on things. As much as I try there are just a few things from the past that I can't stop thinking about. Like the time I completely freaked out during sand volleyball when I rolled my ankle (I looked ridiculous). One of the things I have held on to for a while now is something that one of my professors said to me during a class in college. 

I remember it so clearly, I was in the journalism building for an evening class taught by an adjunct professor with three other students (all older than me). We were working on an interactive media project as a team and the focus was on Franklin, IN and I was supposed to be focusing on flood damage. What I don't remember is why the next conversation took place. All I hold on to is that it ended in my professor telling me,

"No one cares about what you want to say (write)"

But why?

Well thanks ass-hole. So no one will ever care about my thoughts and opinions? That is a really positive thing to tell a student pursuing a Journalism/Public Relations degree. This was not the general attitude of the professors at my college, they were all super supportive no matter how crazy our dreams. But this guy, just shot down everything no matter how serious the idea was. 

Now I wasn't saying that I think I deserve to be Carrie from "Sex in the City" and that I was going to get by in life by writing a sex column as a twenty something. What I was getting at is that the current project I was working on in that class was hard for me. I was in the journalism school for the PR program, not to become a hard hitting journalist. If I was going to be a writer about anything it would have been for a fashion/beauty/women's magazine, not for a newspaper/radio/tv station. 

Well guess what professor, someone out there cares about what I have to say now. It may not be a huge audience, but there are people out there reading what I have to say every day of the week. 

So now when people ask me why I chose to do what I do or I start asking myself why I keep doing this, I think back on this story and how far this blog has come in the past year. Someone cares. I am a twenty something and someone cares about the words I type out each day and put out in the universe. So maybe I should say thank you to that professor, thank you for lighting the fire under my butt to find something I am passionate about and write about what I want to write about no matter if it is what people want/care to read about or not.

Really though, thank you to those people out there who care. Thank you for supporting my thoughts and opinions and keeping me motivated to come back to the computer each night/day.

How do you get past your "But Why?" days/thoughts?

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