Early Nights

Well, that picture is crazy blurry, but I am obsessed with how white/silver my hair looks! That is about how the whole weekend went though when it comes to pictures, so my apologies in advance. Onward to the weekend wrap-up!


After work I headed home to see Nate and then we headed out to his parents' house to see his sister, who was in from San Diego. The evening was spent hanging out with family and it was great.


This was a no alarm type of morning, but my dog had other ideas. I headed out to do some shopping in the late morning and Nate worked on tearing furniture apart and packing some boxes. He honestly got more accomplished Saturday morning than I did all week probably. After lunch and a little basketball, I slowly started getting ready and we headed out later that evening. It was the earliest we had ever been to this bar (we went for a birthday party) and also the earliest we have ever left. It was nice though.

It was so nice to dress up and have a night out with him, even if it was an early one.


We headed to Church, where pastor happily reminded me that I have my last class coming up on Saturday to become a member of the Church (finally!). This has been a long process but I am so glad it is almost done and I will be a member of the Church I have been going to for the past two years. After church we headed home and Nate packed up again. Then I was off to a baby shower for his sister and he swung by to say bye and headed back south to get ready for another week of work. I will be so glad when this move is over, that is for sure. The baby shower was so cute and I was glad I was able to make it. 

What did you do this weekend?

Completely unrelated question, is anyone else sucked into The Royals on E?

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