Let It Rain

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Seriously though, I have never been so excited at the thought of rain or a thunderstorm in my life. It just makes it seem like spring is finally coming around. Keep it coming mother nature, keep it coming.

Although it has nothing to do with today's post, I have had this song stuck in my head ever since I titled this post. Not mad about it either. Lately little things have sparked songs that touch my heart and make me feel like everything is happening for a reason.

And on to today's actual post. With the impeding rain in the weather forecast all of the rain things are looking so good to me. I have a camping style raincoat, but a cute one wouldn't hurt. I have an umbrella that is on it's last leg, and I haven't owned rain boots since my sophomore year of college. Obviously I need to go shopping right? If I were to go shop right now, here is what I would be choosing between.

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The London Fog trench is the most practical and obvious choice for me, but I love the fun that the colors of the ASOS and J. Crew coats have. I am dying over these umbrellas, especially the Kate Spade one. If I were to describe my dream umbrella it would be that one (am I really talking about my dream umbrella?). I have been wanting a nice pair of HUNTER rain boots for a while now (hint hint hubs, my birthday is coming up). These others are giving the hunters a run for their money though. I just love them all!

What is on your list for the rainy days ahead?

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