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Time for another "Discover" post. This week I am featuring my favorite salon Pin Up Curls and their gorg owner - Erin! 

(Yup, it isn't Saturday, but we are discovering anyway)

First things first, introduce yourself!! What drew you into hair styling? Did you always know that is what you wanted to do ?
My name is Erin Raber, and I am the owner and a stylist at Pin-Up Curls Salon. I’ve always loved doing hair and make-up. I started playing with make-up at the age of three. (Thanks mom for being my mannequin!! ) I was that girl that always had make over slumber parties. I really always wanted to be a hair dresser but like most of us it was frowned upon. My parents encouraged college first. I went to college for three years, had lots of fun, but ended up without a degree. Years passed, I got married, worked “jobs” and finally had a baby. When you are responsible for someone else’s life, things have to change! I did what was right for me and my family, and with my husband’s support, I went to beauty school at the age of 24. Best decision ever!

So the salon, any story behind the name or the style/theme of the décor?
I’m all about “does it feel right.”  I love old and new, classic and warm. I liked the name Pin-Ups first but a friend of mine suggested Pin-Up Curls and I fell in love!  I thought the name was a perfect blend of old, new and a little bit quirky just like us, “the Curls.”

What is your favorite part of your job?
Of course I love hair, but my favorite part of my career is helping my fellow curls grow into their own careers. I feel like a proud momma of these young ladies. They are the best group! It proves to me that I did make the right decision. You truly can be whatever you want to be. Being a hairdresser is something to be proud of these “curls” are living proof!

Any advice for hair lovers out there?
*To those who want to be a hair dresser.* 
DO IT! It’s truly the best career in my opinion.  Don’t ever let anyone put a negative thought in your mind about it. We are important to our society. We make people look good and feel amazing about their self. You can be successful and live the life you choose in this field.

Where do you hope to see the salon in the next 5 years.
I see the salon growing of course!
I want us to be known as a salon that gives back, treats our clients as family and grows our team into successful stylist. I want us to be that salon where clients feel comfortable and welcomed and can leave with a celebrity look that they can create at home. I would love to add a barbershop, skin and nails services and have a learning center for fellow stylists. Big dreams, but I always say dream big!

Show her and the curls some love! Here is where you can find the Pin Up Curls fam: 

I post things about them all the time. Yes they are a sponsor, but only within the last couple of months. I have been their client since I moved to Fort Wayne and these ladies were responsible for the hair and (most of the) makeup at my wedding. I love them and am a huge supporter of all of them!

Hope you enjoyed learning about a new favorite place of mine!

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