Friday's Favorites | March 20

The weekend is almost upon us! It is Friday my loves and that means favorites time. One thing that will not be on my favorites list is the weather currently - I mean there is frost on the ground this morning. No thanks. On to the list of true favorite things!


Weekends were already my favorite part of the week, but now they are even more awesome. Friday means I get to see my husband again. I know there are people out there that go longer than five days at a time without seeing their significant other (like my SIL), but I still don't like it. So yay for Friday and seeing Nate!

My Sister

From her random sassy texts about other people to the daily snapchats of her life, She makes me laugh and is one of my favorite people in this entire world. Lately she has just really been making life a little more happy. Love you Mads!

Diane Sawyer and Julie Andrews

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My mom was the one who told me about the Behind the Scenes special on 20/20. Then we text through the entire thing. I have been obsessed with the Sound of Music since I was probably three years old. Singing and dancing around like Maria. I still sing Favorite Things when I need to calm myself down. So this special was awesome for me and I was totally geeking out on it. Add on top of it all, Diane Sawyer and Julie Andrews (two amazing women) talking through all of the background of the movie and reliving some scenes and I was in heaven.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I was unsure of this at first, but now I think it is really funny. Good job Tina Fey.

Also on my funny show radar: One Big Happy and Undateable. 

More TV Favorites

Um, did you see the Empire finale?! Drama, lots of drama. Somehow I have made it this far and don't hate anyone on the show yet. I have come close, but then they always redeem themselves.

These posts

I just really love how both of these looks turned out!
100 Things to Throw Away - The Kardia Blog
Since we are in the process of packing to move, this was a fun list to read.

The Morning Coffee by The Berry



Happy weekending!

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