Bumpdate | 15 Weeks

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[How far along]

15 Weeks! My goodness it is going fast!

[Size of the baby]

Baby is as big as a Navel Orange (about 4 inches)

[Weight Gain]

About a pound now. It took a bit to gain back the weight I lost in the first trimester.

[Stretch Marks]

Nope (knocks on wood)


Waking up probably 2 or 3 times a night to take a bathroom break and struggling to get comfortable. It is starting to feel uncomfortable to lay on my stomach so side it is.


We find out in 5 more weeks, I am feeling like it is a boy though. We did the drano test and it said a boy too! 

[Maternity Clothes]

Not yet, but my jean/khaki shorts are starting to feel a bit tight and I can no longer wear half of my bikini tops.


Pineapples and cookies. I have caved to the pineapple, but not the cookies. Still standing strong!


The urge to clean, always. Our kitchen has been the cleanest its been since we moved in all week. 


Nate started painting the crib yesterday, and he just rested his hand on my belly for the first time last week too. It all feels so much more real now.

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