Friday Lovin' | June 26

Well after this weekend I should have some good stories. The wedding travels begin as I travel south with some of my sorority sisters for another sister's wedding. Until then, here are my favorites to hold you over!

1 | This Buzzfeed

Obviously I am pregnant (as previously mentioned on here) and I have talked about lifting before, but now that I have my energy back I have been lifting with Nate. This list is just perfect and inspiring/reassuring as I start to show and am still lifting.

3 | Baby Stuff

We are finally starting to give this crib it's makeover and I am super excited about it! Cheers to all the baby things to come!

4 | Thursday TV

Although it isn't the perfect lineup of Grey's, Scandal, and HTGAWM, Astronaut Wive's Club and Mistresses is pretty on point as well. Bring on the drama!

5 | The Berry's Morning Coffee




M&M Cookie Bites

Happy weekend! Hope it is nice and sunny for you!

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