Going to the Chapel

Morning lovely people! If you are reading this that means Monday is here again. Awesome. 

I hope your weekend was filled with fun and good things, mine sure was. Here it is in a nutshell (with pictures, I did better this weekend).


The weekend started early again this week since I took off work on Friday to spend the day with my friend and the bridal party getting ready for the weekend. Also, one of my other favorite people in the world flew back to Indiana from the Happiest Place on Earth for the wedding and she stayed with us Thursday night. So we spent the night catching up and then headed to bed.      


We started my lovely bestie's wedding weekend off with some pampering at a local salon. I chose to only get my fingernails done, because a) I was wearing closed toed shoes in the wedding, and b) my other lovely bestie is getting married this coming weekend and I was planning on getting pampered with her then too. So I picked a shade and went with it. This time, I went with OPI I Love Applause  with a bit of gold flakes on the ring finger. 

 photo 20150710_113239_zpsbnza2wpj.jpg

After the nails were done it was time to run around like a crazy person trying to get everything we were missing (slip, lipstick, food, a necklace). Then we headed back to my house to pack up for the weekend and get ready for the rehearsal dinner.

We made it to the church that night exactly on time, which is surprising because I had forgotten to grab some lashes and we had to make a pit stop. The rehearsal went smoothly and then we were off to the dinner.

 photo IMG_20150710_211757_zpsk12ee2yv.jpg

Once our stomachs were full, Nate dropped us girls off at the hotel to move our bags in and then we headed out to the bar with the bride and groom. Eventually we made it back to the hotel and crashed for the night. 


This was a bright and early morning, starting with showers and blowouts. We made it to the salon for hair at 10 and after an amazing Cinnamon Crunch bagel with cream cheese from Panera, I was in the stylist's chair to get pampered yet again. Once hair was done, I headed back to the hotel with 3 other girls to get started on makeup. At the end of the day, I had done 10 bridesmaids' faces (including my own) and the bride's in 5 hours. I am pretty impressed with myself. I didn't actual before and after pictures because I just forgot during the whirlwind it became, but I pulled a few from social media and will post actual ones from the photographer when they are ready.


The rest of the day went as follows: pictures, get dressed, pictures, ceremony, pictures, bus ride, pictures, bus ride, reception, bar, bed.

And it was perfect, here are some pictures to show it.

 photo Snapchat-8057953940338510099_zps3xovwpch.jpg  photo IMG951439_zpstyzwoyzu.jpg

 photo IMG_20150711_183123_zpsaivhttib.jpg  photo IMG_20150711_203737_zpsui0f2brt.jpg

 photo 20150711_194934_zpsigjgm6o5.jpg  photo 20150711_200442_zpsxh3m7nc0.jpg

 photo IMG_20150711_223919_zpse7cxyjao.jpg  photo IMG_20150711_203840_zps2nqye3qf.jpg

 photo 20150711_205414_zps4inbe1wl.jpg  photo 20150711_205444_zpsp0o8gvil.jpg

 photo IMG_20150712_084456_zpskiryhmh2.jpg  photo IMG_20150712_084710_zpsyoa6sbfi.jpg

Yup, it was fun!


This was a recovery day for the hubs and a cleaning day for me really. Nate's family all stopped in on their way home from Southern Indiana and his sister, her husband and their daughter spent the night with us. It was a nice little intro to babies for the pup.

That was the weekend loves. Hope you had as much fun as we did this weekend. Next weekend will be just as awesome for us as Nate and I's best friends marry each other! I can't wait!

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