City Date Night

I think this may have been one of our busiest weekends at home since we moved. It was fun though and that is what matters. Dinner with friends, football date nights and lazy Sundays - winning weekend.


  Friday evening was spent cleaning our house as we waited for my friend and his girlfriend to get to town. Once they finally arrived we headed out for a late dinner and a lot of chit chat. It was the first time I got to meet her so it was really nice to just hang out.


During the day Saturday, Nate was nice and productive and worked out, ran home and then built and painted a side table for our guest bedroom.

Meanwhile I went and got a few groceries to get us through the day, and then spent some time laying outside in the sun since it wasn't scolding hot for once. Then I spent some time stretching and doing exercises to try and relieve my lower back pain that has appeared lately before getting ready for our date night. Eventually we were off to Indy for the game.

 photo 20150822_173759_zpsg3lf3v6h.jpg                         photo Snapchat-6743677284677642881_zpsi9ojz0gi.jpg

Nail polish is Trust Fund Beauty in Elegantly Wasted (7-free, cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic nail polish!) and all the makeup on my face is listed below. Shirt is from Anna's Style Boutique (it isn't available online anymore, but there are other cute ones).

On my face:

 photo 20150822_180127_zpspubrm4yd.jpg  photo 20150822_180325_zpshbgi0opi.jpg  photo 20150822_181745_zpstx6wmzdb.jpg

I hadn't actually been to Lucas Oil before so it was a first time experience for me. The only NFL game I have been to was in Tennessee and it was years ago.

 photo 20150822_183652_zps7zqn9lht.jpg

The view from our seats was not too shabby. The atmosphere was nice and fun too, even though it was just a pre-season game. For the most part the starters were in the whole first half, but by the end of the third quarter we were on to third string players and we called it a night.

 photo 1440284310401_zpsslbyhzum.jpg

Hooray for self timers and a ledge right at the needed height!

 photo 1440284621829_zps0xpzwozr.jpg

Of course we had to get a picture of little Leighton's "first" game. He was kicking like crazy throughout it so we will just say he is a Colt's fan already.

(Almost) what I am wearing:

As soon as we got home we were both out pretty quick, and I was not mad about it. I am a huge fan of early bedtimes now.


I woke up with a wicked headache and a bit of a sore throat so I slept as long as I could while Nate got up with the dog. The majority of the day was then spent laying down, cuddling with Remi, doing my exercises and eventually eating. I just was feeling exhausted and pretty much got nothing accomplished. I did make my way over to a friend's house to chat, shop her closet for our vacation this week and snag some zucchini bread though. So that was productive right?

[This Week]

We are getting ready to head off on vacation so these first couple of days will be spent madly cleaning and packing, while also getting everything ready for my friend who is house/dog sitting for us all week. We have never left Remi for this long before so here is to hoping he does okay with it. The friend we have staying with him is pretty much his best friend most times so I am sure he will love it. I am pretty pumped for our trip though. Unfortunately, my back isn't looking like it is going to allow us a day at the zoo, but we will see what happens! If not, I won't be mad about another beach day.

And here we go with another week!

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