Friday Lovin' | August 21

And with that, we have survived another work week and made it to Friday! Here are the things I have been loving lately.

1 | Obsessed with this perfume

It has that Sandalwood smell in it that I love so much, but also has violet and vanilla to bring it back to the feminine side. I love it so much, the perfect balance between masculine and feminine.

2 | Crest® 3D White™ Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System

Nate and I started using this system on Sunday this week to try and get our teeth in tip top, pearly white shape.

Crest(R) 3D Whit(TM) Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System

Other than the taste of it (like the dentist office) it hasn't been that bad really. I haven't looked at my teeth now compared to when we started yet, but will be soon. Hopefully we see results right away!

3 | Both of these pictures

This summer was filled with weddings and for two of them the Makeup Artist was little ol' me. I loved making my friends look flawless for their wedding day and these two pictures are a perfect reminder.

[Scarlet Thread Photography]

[Amanda DeBusk Photography]

4 | More Instagram Accounts

These are the shops that got some screenshot lovin' this week.


These moccs and this shirt would just be so perfect for our little Bear. 

Mmmm, I love everything. Her etsy site is pure gorgeousness. I only wish I could write as pretty as she does. 

I came across this shop because of a Facebook friend, and seriously I am  obsessed. These shirts are so simple and have a great message. I am loving this baseball tee and wishing this tank was not sold out.

If nothing else, I love this store for this shirt alone. I saw it and immediately thought of our little man. His room is Neverland/Peter Pan/Lost Boys inspired and this is exactly that.

5 | The Berry's Morning Coffee





Happy Weekending Friends!

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