A Laborless Weekend

Among the rest of this weekend's activities, Nate and I hit a milestone that Facebook kindly reminded us of - we became Facebook friends 6 years ago.


Since it was a holiday weekend and the office closed early I finally took the time to get ready and go get my license updated. Of course my mom pointed out that since I just needed to updated my address I probably could have just done it online and not gone in. However, I needed a new picture anyway since I had not learned to fill in my eyebrows the last time I had one. Honestly, this is probably my best on yet. Since it matter so much right ha!

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Anyway, after that I headed to my friend's house to plan out our tailgate food for the next day. The winner out of the three things I made was this amazing corn dip that was super, super easy. I will do a full post about it later but if you can't wait until then you can find it on my Pinterest page here. After a grocery trip I made dip, slushy fruit and some popcorn trail mix and then we headed to bed.


Like I said, Friday night was spent planning and cooking to prep for the first football tailgate of the year. One of the nice things about being back in Franklin is getting to go to football games and join the rest of the Alumni in celebrating our little school. The boys headed out and claimed our spot at about 10:30 am I think and I made it there by noon with my half of the food and the rest showed up a smidge later. We enjoyed it while we could, but eventually the heat got to me and a storm delayed the football game (second half didn't start until 5:30 I believe). Once everything got delayed we called it and Nate and I headed to Buy Buy Baby to register.

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We got all our stuff set up at Buy Buy Baby and did the whole in-store registry thing, then we came back and just relaxed.

Our friends joined us when we got home and we all watched some more college football and snacked on the afternoon's leftovers while our dogs played. 


The original Sunday plan was to do our baby registry at Target, but instead of going there I just did it all online and merged both my Target and Buy Buy Baby registries to our Baby List one. Honestly it took me a while to feel like I had everything covered. By the time I did, I was spent for the day and the only other stuff I got done was a bit of organizing/cleaning before laying down on the ground with the pup and watching bad TV. Nate wasn't feeling like staying in and headed to a cookout with some friends before going out with them in Indy. 


The grandparents headed up early on Monday so that my Nanna and I could go pick out fabric before they went to a cookout nearby. My Grandpa also brought the cleaned up stumped that we are using for a side table in the nursery. I can't wait until we get it stained and sealed!

I had every intention of getting some deep cleaning done on Monday, but we found some good movies on demand and got sucked into that instead. Oh well, another day down, I will clean eventually.

And just like that the weekend was over, now we move on to another short work week! Here we go.

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