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[How far along]

26 weeks. Goodness he will be here in no more than 15 weeks! We officially hit double digits in the countdown - 98 days to go.

[Size of the baby]

He is the size of an eggplant, what!? It is so crazy to think that there is a 14 inch, 2 pound little man hanging out in there. Well it is kind of believable once he starts dancing around, trust me. 

[Weight Gain]

Still hoovering around 16 pounds.


I am noticing a lot more cramping in my legs so I am trying to up my water intake even more. Sleep is still an issue and if I roll over too fast I get a bit nauseous. I am still not noticing swelling or Braxton Hicks (that I know of). Pregnancy brain is real and I am really starting to notice the pressure on my ribcage. 


Left side is the winning side. Seriously, I try sleeping on my right almost every night to give my left shoulder a break and I just never can fall asleep that way. Eventually I end up switching for a short period of time, but I definitely spend the majority of time on my left.


We are having a little boy! The reveal story is here

[Maternity Clothes]

Yea, I have them. Now I am starting to look for a few dresses to get me through a couple of work meetings, outfits for showers, and dresses for a couple of photoshoots. During the week though, spandex and sports bras still reign king. I'm sure I look ridiculous but material touching my stomach still drives me crazy.


Um, I must admit ice cream (specifically Vanilla Bean Ice Cream) and pizza. Not together but at any point in the day. 


The feeling I am feeling most is anxious. Not to the point where I can't function but I have been making a lot of crazy lists to keep myself from freaking out. For the next two months we have something pretty much every weekend so that will keep us busy and then we will hit those last 5-6 weeks and everything should settle down just in time for his arrival. 


All the fabric is bought for the bedskirt and teething rail and I am so excited about it. My Nana is making it for us and I can't wait to get it all in the room.

Also this week, and I am just keeping it real here, I coughed and peed my pants. The pregnant life is a glamorous one. Yup, I just told the world that I peed my pants this past week. Honesty people. 

What I have my eye on for me:

What I have my eye on for him:

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