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[How far along]

25 weeks. The countdown board is going - only 105 days left! So close to double digits, I can't believe it.

[Size of the baby]

He is the size of a Cauliflower, so he is about 13.4 inches and 1.5 pounds (according to my apps).

[Weight Gain]

16 pounds now. At my doctor's appointment he told me I gained about 6 since my last appointment...well I expected this eventually. I still feel really good about how I feel and the only thing that I even think about when it comes to my body is my bellybutton (yup, I am weird).


Leg/foot cramps occasionally. Back pain all the time (specifically SI joint pain), but I have been doing some exercises and stretches to help out thanks to Nate. The LineaNigra is going strong too, and my belly is still more hairy than it used to be. Sleeping isn't fun and let's just say my digestive system doesn't quite know what to do right now (TMI? not here, we are real in this place). No heartburn, swelling hands/feet or stretch marks still though so I will take that as long as I can.


Like I said, it isn't fun. Mostly because I just can't fall asleep, get comfortable. I also get distracted when he starts kicking and I just want to soak that in. 


We are having a little boy! The reveal story is here

[Maternity Clothes]

Yea, I got some now. A tank that I am in love with, some shorts and leggings too. I also found some non-maternity stuff that works really well anyway.


Um lately Oreo's and milk, which is super weird. It is weird because right before I got pregnant I ate so many Oreo's that I got sick. The other weird bit, I actually have been drinking the milk. I never drink plain milk, never have liked the taste and today it was the best thing I had all day.


Excited. We have 15 weeks left, and it is getting so real. Showers are being planned, we are registering this week and the little details of the nursery are coming together. I cannot wait for this little bear to get here. 


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I had my 25 (usually 24) week appointment and did my glucose test. At first they handed me an orange flavored one and I almost cried. Orange juice is the only thing that makes me nauseous, so I kindly asked if I could have a different flavor for that reason and they nicely handed me a lemon-lime one. It tasted like a flat, super sugary sprite. Worked perfectly. We will find out next week if I passed or not. I also had to get my Rhogam shot (my blood is A- and Nate is something + this means shots are needed). It wasn't too bad, but I have had enough needles for one day. Hitting 25 weeks also means that my doctor appointments are going to start coming more quickly, which will also make time go faster. No more than 10 more appointments until baby!

What I have my eye on for me:

What I have my eye on for him:

Image of Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?! 

Seriously, how cute are these!? Greyson + Cole you win.

Nap So Hard Onsie

I love this onesie so much that I have actually taken multiple screenshots of it over the course of the last few weeks. Anyway, I love it. Enough said, great job Jean and June.

That is all from me this time. Hope you are all having lovely weeks! It is Friday tomorrow so be happy.

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