Feeding Children with cuddle+kind

I am so thankful that there are good people in this world. There are all sorts of brands out there that do a buy one give one type of program with their goods, but this one really tugs at my heart.

This post is brought to you by cuddle+kind, but I wrote it with 100% my own thoughts and opinions.

Don't want to read the cuddle+kind story? Watch it instead by clicking play on the video below!

cuddle+kind is a company comprised of five family members (Jen, Derek, Brook, Ethan & Rachel) who are on a mission to help feed children in need. Parents, Jen and Derek, recognized the critical role nutrition plays in children's development, and created cuddle+kind to improve the lives of children and make a difference. Their campaign will help feed hungry children in North America and around the world.

So how are they doing this? They are going to be selling hand-knit dolls (9 different characters) and each doll sold will provide 10 meals to children in need. These nine dolls are available for pre-order now, but from September 16-October 17 they are trying to hit a $20,000 goal. You can check it all our here.

[source: cuddleandkind.com]

Head over to their website to see the dolls that are available, and also to check out the prints they are selling as well. Each 10x10 print will provide 5 meals to kids.

Even better, get involved in helping to feed the children now by heading over to their Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages and like/follow them to provide a meal to children in need with just a click!

Super easy. I can't wait to get Leighton either his own little Scout or Everest, until then go and follow!

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