Bumpdate | 29 Weeks

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[How far along]

29 Weeks, only 77 more days!

[Size of the baby]

About 15.2 inches, and about 2.5 pounds. Roughly the size of a Butternut/Acorn Squash. Who knows, after the last doctor visit I had he may be bigger than that.

[Weight Gain]

Up 24 pounds as of this morning. This belly is getting big and dancing like crazy.


Swollen ankles hit this weekend. I am definitely paying more attention to how long I am sitting and trying to keep my feet elevated throughout the day. I am still really uncomfortable because of my ribs and organs being pushed around, but this guy is wiggling enough to remind me why all of this is worth it (he doesn't let me go long without a reminder). I am getting occasional leg cramps, but I am really trying to get my water intake up. Along with all the other little things, I am seeing my first stretch mark. Dear 17 year old self, don't get that belly button piercing, it looks super weird now and is the only place you are having stretching issues so far. I will probably jinx myself saying it, but oh well. I have had a generally easy pregnancy and I know that. Thank you Lord for giving me that blessing thus far. All the little things are beyond worth it knowing that I am creating a little life that will soon bless us all with his presence.


We are having a little boy! The reveal story is here

[Maternity Clothes]

I got bump bucks from Motherhood Maternity when we got my jeans and they were valid this week so I ordered a couple of things.


Well today I almost dipped a raw onion in ranch so that was a bit much. Instead I made brownies and made myself feel better by slicing up an apple to go with it. 


Like it is all so real! We head to labor and delivery class on Saturday. How on earth did we get here already!?


Nate ordered our rocking chair and got the branch up for the curtains yesterday. We are officially done with the nursery for the month. Once all our showers are done after this month we will finish up what we need to. 

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