Friday Lovin' | October 2

Loves for the week? How about pretty much the month since it has been so long? Yup that sounds good to me!

1 | My Husband

Let me be sappy for a bit. Nate has been amazing so far through this pregnancy. I have given him such a honey-do list and he has done it all with a smile. Among those things were building different furniture items and making wall decor. He is so crafty and just figures it out. This Wednesday was his birthday and after dinner he came home and figured out how to rig up a curtain rod from a branch. He may not understand exactly what is going through my head when I get an idea, but he certainly knows how to make it happen! 

2 | It's Fall

Seriously, I am just in a better mood from the moment I wake up knowing it is fall. The windows are open, my house smells like heaven and tomorrow I am making apple crisp and chili. What more could a girl ask for?

3 | These Products

[Make Up For Ever Ultra HD]

So I have mentioned this foundation before, but I have recently been using it with my Beauty Blender for a more sheer coverage and I love it too. Really it is the only foundation I have been using whether I want medium-ish or sheer coverage. (For a heavier coverage I use my morphe 439, which is on sale by the way!)

[Mario Badescu Drying Lotion]

Since my face has been cooperating slightly lately, I have taken a step back from the heavier cream treatments and focus on spot treatment for the occasional big guy that pops up. I had a jar of this sitting on the counter and fell back in love with it. It really does show me improvement overnight and that is a win.

[pores no more]

I picked up a tube of this with my points at Sephora and goodness am I thankful I did. Honestly I like it more than Benefit PoreFessional, but I couldn't tell you why specifically. I don't notice my face getting as slippery with it and it does a really good job at hiding my pores. Plus the sample bottle itself is bigger than PoreFessional so there is a major plus right there.

[Vasanti Brighten Up!]

Come back next week for a full review on this guy, but here is a short and sweet version. I love it! I rotate this in (every other day) when I am not using my Clarisonic and I have seen really, really good results.

4 | Whiskey on My Breath

Well not my breath, the song by Love and Theft. Let's all reminisce about the time we met them, they sang to me, and then the one hung out with us at my bachelorette party before he went on stage. Oh the memories. 

Anyway, this song (and really the whole album) has been on repeat this week.

5 | The Berry's Morning Coffee

I start every morning looking at The Berry, here is what made me smile today!





Happy Weekending Friends!

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