Chili, Apples and Colts

Its monday but its ok ! | #Coffee:

First of all, isn't this picture perfect? I mean I spilled my small cup of coffee I allow myself this morning so I feel like today will be a day of it's okay. 


Let's see, what on earth did we accomplish Friday? Oh right, nothing. Nate came home from work and we talked about cleaning but ended up laying on the couch watching TV and movies I believe. 


Bright and early Saturday morning we headed to the hospital for Labor and Delivery class. It was the all day version of the class because our other option was at the end of November and that just made me anxious to even think about waiting that long. It ended up being a crazy good day to get stuck inside though. Honestly it smelled like winter outside, and the rain was just enough to be annoying at most points in the day. 

I feel so at peace with the rest of this pregnancy and the idea of going in to labor though. I know that will obviously change as we get closer and when it actually happens, but for now it is the least of my worries. 

Saturday was also Nate and I's 6 year anniversary (dating). I don't know that I could ask for a better first picture as a couple than the one below. Leave it to fraternity/sorority mixers to bring out the best outfits. 

I spy a Vera Bradley ID pouch that EVERYONE and their mother had while I was in school. Is that still a thing now?


On Sunday morning I got up even earlier than the rest of the week. We were having people over to watch the Colts game and to give Nate a little special time for his birthday that week. I had chili going by 8 am, was showered/ready by 10:30 and then got corn bread/noodles made before anyone made it to our house as well as got apple crisp ready to bake. 

It ended up being a beautiful day and the Colts won so that was a plus too! The apple crisp made the two of us pregnant ladies very happy and the rest of the group too. 

[This Week]

We have our first baby shower on Saturday, and I have work meetings so it should fly by as usual. 

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